Flying frustrations look about the same during the pandemic

As I sit here, waiting for an update as to when my flight could take off, might as well fill you in how what flying looks like during this stage of the pandemic.

Spoiler alert: still not fun.

I started off this morning with some optimism. I had a nice vacation with my family, spent some time in the sun and I was ready for a quick journey home.

Going through security is different. I’m used to standing near people in line, shuffling along to the TSA agent with my boarding pass and ID ready to go.

This time around, I’m masked up, trying to keep my distance from people, and the only thing I’m showing is my ID. So far, the only times I’ve taken my mask off is to prove to the agent that I’m, well, me, and for eating/drinking. I keep it on when I’m walking through the terminal and when I’m waiting at my gate.

The lines have been a little longer than I remember. I make sure to get to the airport early no matter when I’m flying, but with all the cancelations happening across the country, it’s been a priority. After trekking through security, I made sure to camp outside my gate every moment leading up to boarding.

Now in this case, I’m praying to St. Christopher my flight isn’t canceled right now. I hope you pray as well. Anything is appreciated. Bless.

During the flight, I sleep. The entire time. I keep my mask on because, well, you’re supposed to. Plus, it doesn’t bother me, so it works.

However, these past few flights I’ve traveled on seem to be with people who have never been in an airport. I have seen way to many bare feet for my liking. I will never understand why people choose to go shoeless in an airport.

Would I recommend flying right now? If you’re feeling lucky, sure. It’s still a headache, pandemic or not. Let me know what your experience has been like if you’ve flown in this pandemic!

These are the times I’m thankful I have a channel to write. Waiting to hear if my flight has been canceled gave me a ton of anxiety, making it really hard to focus and think clearly. Sitting here and writing this helped calm me down and work through my anxiety attack. Let’s face it – who likes being forced to deplane when the weather isn’t looking great? I’m thankful I’ve been able to continue writing for my blog, whether travel related or not. Now I’m in a better headspace to face this bump in my plans, and you get an inside look at flying in a pandemic. Cool!


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