The Girl’s Guide To Packing For Ireland

I was asked multiple times what I was bringing with me on my adventure to Ireland. From what t-shirts, if I was going to bring a dress, what types of shoes, yada yada yada. After spending some time researching what to pack online, I finally shoved my clothes in my suitcase and shipped off. For any travelers looking for some inspiration as to what to bring, here’s a list of what I packed!

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Go Bonas!

This past Friday, I packed some clothes, some food, and filled up my gas tank then made the drive up to St. Bonaventure University. I wanted to say a final goodbye to my friends who I won’t see until January. While the 5 hour drive was not too exciting, it was so much fun to be back at Bonas. It inspired me to write about the spirit of our school.  Continue reading “Go Bonas!”

Everyone’s Leaving…

As summer is coming to a close, a lot of my hometown friends have begun to pack up and get ready to go back to college. Some people have already moved in, which I’m incredibly jealous of. As much as I love my family, I am very much looking forward to living on my own again without the insanity of dealing with three younger brothers. Since I don’t go to Ireland until September 9th, (START THE COUNTDOWN!) I’m just taking a moment to reflect on this summer and what it was like to be home again.  Continue reading “Everyone’s Leaving…”