Sunrise, sunset

My schedule as of right now has me working late nights. With so much of my focus on work, I forgot about one of my favorite things.

When I was in Georgia, I took a step back and reconnected with one of my favorite things.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” 

That quote has stuck with me since I first read it in high school. It was true – the sun goes up and down, and all you have to do is look outside.

Some sunsets/sunrises are more colorful than others. It’s part of the game – taking a peak out your window and seeing an array of colors streaked across the clouds. Maybe it’s just a soft yellow glow or maybe hints of pink and orange dancing around the sun.

The quote brought me a lot of comfort in some hard times. It was like a moment of peace before or after a tough day.

When I arrived on St. Simons Island this July, I was looking forward to a relaxing week at the beach. While reading on the porch one night, I found myself distracted from my book by the sight of the changing colors in the dusk sky. It brought me back to that quote, and I realized it had been too long since I appreciated a picturesque sunset.

I spent the week taking moments here and there to take in the views. When I got back to Rochester, I kept the same energy. I look out my window to watch the sun go down, noting the way the light touches the leaves on the trees, or how the streetlights make it look like the stars came out early.

It’s something I recommend you take a look at, whether it’s in your travels or your backyard. They’re absolutely free – you don’t want to miss too many of them.

Skidaway Island, GA

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