Beer, barbecue and goats in Austin, Texas

Where did we leave off? If you’re up to date with my little blog, I believe you may have finished reading about my trip to Ireland in January. As of right now, I’m on a bit of a travel hiatus. I’m trying this new thing where I try to save my money instead of spending it all on plane tickets, hotel stays, etc. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

In the meantime, I figured we could take a trip down memory lane and revisit my trip to Austin, Texas, in February!

I am very lucky to have some awesome friends in different parts of the world. This friendship trip took us to Austin!

2020 was the last time I was in Texas. I was driving across the country from Arizona to New Jersey. I had never been to Austin before this year, and I was excited to see what the city had to offer.

While doing my research, I got the most excited about the food. Austin delivered! We landed late Friday night and started our Saturday morning strong with some breakfast tacos. I never thought to have chips and salsa with my breakfast, but it was yummy!

We strolled along South Congress doing some window shopping (and playing around with some cowboy hats and boots). The weather was sunny and warm and defrosted my cold New York shell. After some more queso and chips, we took a stroll along the river, along with half the population of the city. Clearly, it was a popular spot to spend a sunny day.

Barbecue was up for dinner and it was amazing. The brisket and coleslaw did not last on my plate for long. It was so good that I had to stop after my second helping.

I’m drooling just thinking about this meal again

We also visited a bunch of funky breweries during our trip. My favorite was Jester King. It was a cool brewery on a farm! There was so much outdoor space and even some trails you could explore. The space featured a little goat farm where you could pay to go hang out with some goats. I opted to hang out near the goats and keep the fence between us (no hard feelings).

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the people. Hanging with old friends and making new friends was so much fun! It was a great way to learn about the city and a fun way to catch up.

Would I visit Austin again? Absolutely. The weather was nice (in February), the people were kind, and the BBQ was unbelievable. To be honest, I’d go back for the food alone.

What’s another city/state I should add to my list of places to go? The list is growing while I hunker down in Rochester for the next few weeks…


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