Getting Lucky in ROC

I never really knew much about thrift shopping. I have some friends who are great at finding quality clothes for a good price. I’ve donated a lot of clothes I grew out of for people who probably got better use out of them. But never ventured into the world of thrifting.

That’s until I learned about The Lucky Flea Market.

If you’re in Rochester and you’re looking for a new look, here’s what you can expect from what I think is this summer’s hottest market.

Sunday morning, I woke up and on a whim, went out the door to Carlton Street and Anderson Avenue, just off of Atlantic Avenue.

I saw the colorful posts shared on Instagram and was instantly intrigued. I haven’t done a ton of shopping since the start of the pandemic, so I this became my first big shopping trip this year. The outdoor market seemed to be the perfect place to start.

I saw dozens of tents set up and other shoppers walking by in their fanciest thrifting outfit. I wandered around, checking out different clothes, trinkets and jewelry.

Everyone was excited, from the vendors to the shoppers. It was a chance for local businesses to reach more people, and businesses from outside the Rochester area to show off their stuff.

I didn’t know where to begin, so I walked into the closest tent and leafed through the rack of 70’s-styled clothes. It was a trend throughout the entire market. Mostly throwback clothes, with nods to trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

I got myself a couple items: a jean jacket, a knit shirt, and some sunglasses. To steal a line from The Barenaked Ladies, if I had a million dollars, I would’ve spent it all! There was such a variety of clothes to choose from at some killer prices.

Everyone was super friendly and inviting. Which makes sense, how else do you expect to sell your goods!

I even stopped for a quick bite. An “Everything Bagel Scone” from Roc’n Cakes. Next time, I’ll have to get ten. It was the perfect snack to munch on while walking around on a sunny day.

If you’re hunting for some vintage clothes, accessories or other goods, I would highly recommend spending a Sunday at the Lucky Flea! Last I saw, they’ll be on Carlton Street and Anderson Avenue June 27, then they’ll be at 320 N Goodman Street the rest of the summer. Find more information on their website by clicking here, and let me know if you go!


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