We Were Runnin’ Through The Six…

Just because I’m at Bonaventure doesn’t mean I’m done travelling. Two weeks ago I grabbed my passport and crossed the border into Canada! My friends and I wanted a change of pace and spent the weekend in Toronto.

We drove into Canada Friday afternoon and were greeted with an amazing sunset. I was happy to see the sun stick around until around 9 as a reminder that summer is right around the corner!

After grabbing some food and changing into some nicer clothes, we decided to see what Toronto nightlife was all about. We walked around the streets for a little bit before heading in to a bar for some drinks. (It was nice to be of legal age again!)

We danced for a bit and had some laughs. While it may sound strange, it was nice to be in a place where I didn’t know the majority of people there. At a small school like Bona’s, it starts to feel like every party you go to is the same one with the same kids. While that was one of the reasons I love this school, it was nice to break out of that routine.

There was a certain comfort of being a stranger. I had no idea who the other people in the bar were, and they had no idea who I was. During my people watching, I saw a group of girls celebrating a birthday, some guys strike out on the dance floor, and a tired runner trying to bring empty glasses to the back. It was cool to just observe how people act in a different place, even if it was just a few hours across the border.

After getting some delicious late-night poutine, we headed back to get some sleep for the next day.

That Saturday I got to see downtown Toronto. It was incredibly windy and cold, but I still enjoyed walking around to see the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.

I got queasy just looking up at the CN Tower. Standing at 1,850 ft tall, you can go up and look over the city from the observation levels. Just a few years ago, my legs got shaky as I looked over Chicago in the Willis Tower. That was only 1,450 ft high, so I can’t imagine being 400 ft higher!

And the Rogers Centre is home to the Toronto Blue Jays, who the Yankees beat twice last week. (Go Yankees!)

That night we decided to get a little dressed up and go out to the huge club REBEL. In two words, it was a lot. My friends and I danced until our feet hurt, then danced some more. I snagged some free popcorn multiple times throughout the night, because food is a priority! We got our pictures taken and got to see the lights of Toronto blink across the water.

I may sound like a broken record to some at this point, but I miss my Irish pubs. Something about the live music and the conversations makes me feel more at home than the loud house music and the strobe lights.

Besides the point, I still had a great time with friends in the Six. I’m sure that won’t be the last time I pay Canada a visit!

More travelling is on the horizon, so make sure you stay updated by following me here and on my social media accounts. Sláinte!

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