So Long Sophomore Year

The snow has finally stopped falling and the temperature is staying above 60 degrees here at St. Bonaventure. The end of spring semester has a weird bittersweet feeling.

I’ve gone through this before, but last year I wasn’t coming back to SBU until January. Now that I know I’ll be back in August, there isn’t a huge wave of sadness washing over me as I finish my finals.

I love all my friends here, but I do miss home (as much as I try to convince my parents I don’t). I’m looking forward to working for the summer again and getting a break from my schoolwork. I have plans to visit my Bona friends as well (or have them visit me!) and hope to catch up with my friends from home.

Throughout this semester, I truly felt like I was drowning in assignments too often. Thankfully finals week ironically brought a much needed break from the craziness.

For once, I’m excited to be going back to New Jersey for the summer. I miss my room, my town, and the food! I already have my week of meals lined up for when I get back home!

But that’s not for another week. I still got some studying and writing to do until I get to bite into a hot slice of pizza. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy this great weather SBU is experiencing.

This summer also has some travel plans in store, so make sure to stay updated by following my social media.

Now, back to studying for finals. Wish me luck!


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