A love letter to sunscreen

After spending a few days on the beach, I feel the need to thank the one thing that had my back the whole time. For a fair-skinned girl like myself, large amounts of sunscreen are key to a successful trip.

In my short time on Earth, I have suffered through my fair share of sunburns. Those hot, red, dry patches of skin serves as a reminder that I am indeed not tougher than the sun. I have been called a lobster, mocked for my lack of protection against those UV rays. (Let’s be real…I probably deserved it.)

I started with SPF 15, then moved on to SPF 30, and some days, I dabble with SPF 50. A combination of different types will usually do the trick, keeping my skin protected from the sun. I do love being able to walk around without wincing in pain due to a bright red burn. Any kind of defense against the sun helps.

It’s also protected me from skin cancer – a lovely bonus in the long run.

So once again, thank you sunscreen. I am walking away from a beach trip without a sunburn, which has become a rare accomplishment. I could not have done it without you.

Honorable mentions: my sunglasses, for keeping the sun out of my eyes, and my hat, for keeping the sun out of my face.

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