There’s more than just flowers at the Lilac Festival

When I first heard of the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY, I thought there would be some flowers here and there. I would maybe munch on some food and enjoy some nice weather.

Turns out there are more than just flowers at this festival. Who knew!

Looking to check out the festival for its final weekend this year? Read on for what you can expect…


The main event of the Lilac Festival is the lilacs. (Duh) You can’t miss them! They’re taking over Highland Park right now, in different shades of pink and purple. It’s the best time to stop and smell the roses lilacs, and there are plenty of photo opportunities.


Looking for something fried? You won’t have to go far – tons of food trucks take over the park offering the best kinds of festival food, from tacos to cinnamon buns, to fries, to smoothies, to deep-fried Oreos. Everything you could crave, you’ll find it. (Let’s be real, how can you pass up tacos?) If you’re on a diet, I recommend visiting on your cheat day.

(I would put a picture of food here but my phone doesn’t eat first, I do.)


How could you not love live music? Some great cover bands have graced the main stage the past two weekends. I caught a Zac Brown Band cover band and a Grateful Dead cover band. Very different crowds, but still a ton of fun energy! It’s a great spot to hang out with friends and sip on some wine slushies.

Melted wine slushies and The Zac Brown Tribute Band

Who knows? Maybe someone will surprise you with VIP tickets…

Plus, there’s a 5k race coming up on Sunday that yours truly will be running in! More on that after I cross the finish line.

Have you been to the Lilac Festival? Do you have a favorite part? Tell me in the comments below!


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