The Ski Champ visits Bristol Mountain

Yes, I did just name myself the Ski Champ. More on that later.

Winter gets tough. Being holed up in your apartment, fewer hours of sunlight, it’s enough to make a person go mad!

So, I decided to combat that madness with a mini ski trip in Western New York.

First of all, doesn’t it feel like everyone and their mother has been skiing lately? Every time I check Instagram or Facebook I see more people showing off their skis and snowboards. Just an observation.

I have visited Bristol Mountain before…when it was 80 degrees out. I hiked around the mountain and snapped some photos of the green meadows.

Bristol Mountain during the summer

This time – I had multiple layers on as I stepped out of the car and I was still cold. So I put more layers on.

As I struggled to put on my boots, I suddenly remembered how difficult it feels to walk in ski boots. I hobbled around the ski rental shop with my gear, making my way towards the bunny hill.

Listen, it’s been about 12 years since I last skied. I favored Gore Mountain, in North Creek, NY. My family used to take trips up there and it’s where I first learned to ski.

So as I stepped into my skis, I was nervous. Would I remember how to ski? Could I do pizza/french fries correctly? How many times would I fall?

As I turned to face the hill in front of me, surrounded by 8-year-olds, I took a deep breath and gave it a go.

The speed caught me off guard, although I was probably only going 5 miles per hour. As I reached the bottom and successfully stopped, I smiled. It was just one run -but I remembered how to ski! Kind of…I still went on the bunny hill two more times before moving on to the trails on the mountain.

As I made my way around the green circle trails, I relaxed. My anxiety I had leading up to going around the the mountain was melting away.

Bristol was great – it wasn’t a huge mountain, but that made it more fun every time I made it down without falling. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a little patio with two fires going. I sat there before heading home, and it was warm and comfortable. It was a great place to take a break from skiing down the snowy hills.

It was nice to get outside and not look at screens for hours on end. Working in news, I feel like my eyes are constantly glued to a screen. Recently it started to take a toll on me, I found myself losing sleep and getting more anxious every time I hit ‘refresh’.


Being on the mountain, I remembered why I enjoyed skiing all those years ago. There was a feeling of freedom as I rushed through the trails, weaving around the trees. I wasn’t thinking about deadlines, what’s trending online or if I remembered to send that email. All I could think about was how happy I was coasting around the snow.

I would definitely recommend Bristol to anyone looking to ski or snowboard this winter. It made this beginner feel like a pro – and I think that’s something we all look for when attempting these snow sports.

Their coronavirus restrictions also left me feeling safe. Masks are required on all lifts and in the lodge. Almost everyone I saw wore their masks the whole time, but the cold might’ve helped enforce it. It was easy to keep your distance from others on the mountain and inside.

Oh – and I didn’t fall! Not once! Came close – but I never took a tumble!

Therefore, I am the Ski Champ. End of story.

Major credit to the best ski coach I know – helping me make it up and down the mountain safely every time.

Ski coach Tommy Anderson

Any other cool places to ski? Let me know! I may have found a new hobby to keep me busy these next few months….

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