When A Couch Isn’t Enough…

Sure, if you have friends all around the world you could ask to crash on their couch during your travels. However, I prefered having my own bed to sleep in when I was exploring Ireland.

A lot of people have asked me, how do I find a good (and cheap) place to stay? Here are some tips I have!

1. Do your research!

This feels like an obvious tip, but it pays to spend a little time looking into where you’re going to be sleeping. There was one case where an apartment some friends and I rented for a weekend was in a sketchy neighborhood. It made it very hard for us to sleep, and come Sunday morning we were practically running out of there.

Take the time to see what you’re renting, and figure out where it is. Is it close to an airport? The downtown bar scene? Or is it in the middle of nowhere way outside where you want to be? Check out what different places offer to see what fits your trip.

Make sure it’s safe! This should be the biggest concern. You’re not only protecting your things but yourself in a foreign place. Be smart when booking an Airbnb in a new city.

2. Bring a buddy!

It’s safer and cheaper! I’m a big believer in traveling with another person. Especially being a young girl, it’s usually a lot safer to have one other person walking with you. It can get a little lonely walking around on your own!

Another perk of traveling with someone is you can save a little bit of money. Just having one other person with you could possibly cut the costs of housing in half. Who doesn’t want to save money?

I always had a travel buddy when I was going around Ireland, and it made it a lot of fun to have someone to take pictures and share a pint with!

3. Try a hostel!

I’m all too well aware of the stigma around international hostels. I’ve heard all the horror stories, but thankfully have none to tell myself. That’s right; every hostel I stayed in I thankfully had a good experience.

You can also meet some really cool people! I had some really nice conversations with people from Austrailia, Germany, America, and more. You can learn more about different cultures and make a friend!

Check out Hostelworld, it’s a great site that has good reviews of the different hostels found around the world. I used this site to find a hostel in Galway and Cork. Those places were so cool and a lot of fun to stay in!

These are my three big tips for traveling. The last piece of advice I have is to be smart and use your best judgment. You know what you’re comfortable with, so make sure where you’re staying is good for you.

Are there any tips I missed that you have? Let me know down below!

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