Another Round!

I went back to Ireland! In May! It was a blast!

So what did I do during my time back? Let’s get right to it…

I got very lucky with the weather that week. It was sunny and warm every day during that week in May. (Yes I’m aware how behind I am posting this, but anyway…)

I didn’t do too much exploring this time around. I was there to visit my friends and happened to make a few more friends. I still wandered around Dublin, this time in a t-shirt because of the warm weather! That small difference made my day trips so much more enjoyable.

I devoted one day to finding different murals around the city. I had seen a few on Instagram and other online sites, so naturally I had to capture a few artsy pictures myself.

“U R Alive” found in Dublin

Another day I did some exploring in Maynooth. Somehow I missed this pretty walkway the first time around last year.

Carton Ave. Maynooth

It led to this beautiful golf course that seemed to stretch for miles. I took a few pictures of the blue sky with the very green grass. Thankfully no stray golf balls hit me in my journeys.

I casually walked the paths then stopped to eat my lunch at this lonely picnic table. This great Willow tree kept me in the shade. I relaxed for a bit and felt the warm breeze brush my face. It was a very serene afternoon. I was happy.

Of course, I had fun with friends. Big shoutout to Juliani for letting me stay with her! I got to meet her new roommates (all super cool) and see my old roommate (still super cool). I was so happy to see and meet all these super cool people, it made me sad to leave and realize everyone is all over the world.

Shoutouts to Juliani and Laura 🙂

Obviously, I’m going back to Ireland. Again. I don’t know when (or do I…?)

This place holds so much importance to me, if you haven’t caught on. I spent three (and a half) months there, how could I not want to go back? It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people, I love it!

I have more travels in store for the year, so make sure to stay updated by following me on Instagram and on this site. Wishing for safe travels, Sláinte!


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