Howth You Doin’??

No, I don’t have a speech impediment, just the same old poor jokes.

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I did a little day trip to this little town named Howth this past weekend. The food was good, but the views were amazing (to say the least).  See for yourself!

No amount of metaphors, similes, or onomatopoeia could do these views justice. Find the path was a little difficult, I found myself wandering through the streets of Howth trying to figure out the start. We walked past some elaborate houses perched on the side of the cliffs before seeing other hikers and tourists gather at a little dirt path at the end of the road.

We walked along the little rocky road and found myself at one of the most scenic places I’ve been to on this island. We walked off the path and climbed up onto one of the higher cliffs to get a better view of the little harbor and the great blue sea.

The wind whipped my hair as I stood up upon the craggy rocks. I pushed my hair out of my face and took in the entire view.

Another gust of wind hit my back and I felt this huge rush of gratitude. The view was so picturesque, the sea was so blue and the little islands peaking out only added to the beauty of the landscape. I feel so blessed to be able to study in such a beautiful country where views like these are just a short train ride away. I could not shake the feeling of pure happiness I had while looking out over the ocean.

Yours truly blocking the view, you’re welcome.

I have wanted to travel to Ireland since I was little, and I’ve touched on that in one of my first posts on this website. Since being here, I have been going a mile a minute trying to see as much of Ireland and Europe in the few months I’m here. Standing at the top of the cliff gave me a second to recognize I need to slow down. Some of the best moments I’ve had here weren’t planned weeks in advance; they were those few minutes walking to the pub, cooking in a friends apartment, or climbing up a hill to see all the beauty Ireland has to offer.

I walked down that hill taking nothing for granted. I am so thankful my family has been supporting me every step of the way, and I am thankful St. Bonaventure helped me get to Maynooth for the semester.

Also thankful for all of you, my loyal readers! It’s so cool to see the statistics that people from all over the world have been checking out my site, and I can’t express how much that means to me. I love being able to share my writing, and I love it can reach every end of the Earth.

With Study Week coming up, I get a break from classes for a week. I know it may seem like I don’t have class often, but I can promise you (Mom & Dad, I’m talking to you!) I have been studying hard in between my weekend adventures. I have some travel plans for my week off, but you’ll have to wait and see where they take me! Wish me luck, Sláinte!


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