I Made It To Dublin!

Yes, after navigating the horrors of public transport (which actually turned out to be pleasantly easy), my friends and I made it to the Ireland’s capital, Dublin.

We took a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and wandered around the alleyways of the city, and I took many pictures along the way. Why not check them out?

Like I said, we started our grand adventure at the Guinness Storehouse.


I’m as pale as the sign…oh well…

The tour was so interesting, I never understood how much science went into brewing the perfect pint. We all wandered around the place, learning about what tempurature they roast the barely at (232 degrees Celsius) and what makes Guinness so special (they put nitrogren into the beer, how cool is that!) I was even able to learn how to pour my own Guinness towards the end.



Focused on pouring my pint!

After we graduated from the Guinness Academy, which I passed with flying colors, we went up to the famous Gravity Bar where we could see all of Dublin. We looked over the gorgeous city landscape and sipped on our beers, all while taking pictures of course. We struck up conversation with some other tourists who were kind enough to give us tips on how to get the more “instagram-worthy” pose.


We left the tour a little hungry, so we made our way across town to find somewhere to grab a bite. Some of us found our way to a tour, but was more distracted by the aroma of fried food to stay focused on the lovely tour guide.

We found ourselves in the Temple Bar area and took a detour into a pub named “The Auld Dubliner.” There was some upbeat live music, and the group was surprised to hear most of the tunes played were American songs. My New Jersey pride showed when the singer started singing some Bruce Springsteen!

We all talked and laughed and sang, and it was one of those rare moments of pure joy. There was no worry about where to be, how much money we had, or what school work we had due. We were all in the moment with each other, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

We made our way to meet up with some other students we knew at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I have seen many churches in my day, but this one took my breath away. The stone walls seemed to stretch up to the rare blue sky and the grass at the base of the building was a luscious green. I took as many pictures as I could before the clouds moved in, but the rain came in quick. The group made the decision to go, but I know I’ll be back to get a better look at the interior of the cathedral very soon.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The bus ride back to campus was quiet and uneventful, but sometimes those are the best rides. I had time to collect my thoughts, look through my photos I snapped throughout the day, and even had a pleasant conversation with a Scottish man anxious about his first day in Dublin.

This country continues to tug at my heartstrings and make me fall deeper in love with all of it. After this trip to the city, I can’t wait to go farther into the country. Who knows, maybe my next trip will be out west? Until then, Sláinte!

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