Go Bonas!

This past Friday, I packed some clothes, some food, and filled up my gas tank then made the drive up to St. Bonaventure University. I wanted to say a final goodbye to my friends who I won’t see until January. While the 5 hour drive was not too exciting, it was so much fun to be back at Bonas. It inspired me to write about the spirit of our school. 

When I first pulled off the highway, my heart started beating faster at the sight of the “Welcome to Olean” sign. I made my way past the Applebee’s and Walmart and couldn’t help but feel excited to be back on campus and see all my friends. Driving past the huge lawn with St. Bonaventure written in the hedges made me smile at the thought of being part of such a great school.

As I met up with my friend, we started to walk around to the different buildings on campus, for she had some meetings to go to. I tagged along, since no one else really had an idea I was visiting, and ran into some friends along the way. I was met with excited shock and laughs when I would run into friends from freshman year. There was a lot of “what are you doing here?” and “shouldn’t you be in Europe?” We would laugh and I would tell them I just couldn’t stay away.

There is something about the students and this school that make you proud to call one’s self a “Bonnie”. Everyone comes together as one to complain about the long cold winters, or to cheer on our basketball team, or to even share a meal at the Hickey dining hall (yes, I promise that’s the real name), that’s when you truly feel the spirit of Bonaventure. Everyone is happy to call this school home!

It was odd when I first arrived, for I was only used to living on campus, not staying over in my friend’s room. There was one tiny moment where I felt like I was standing on the outside looking in, and I just observed how the student body functions. Everyone is happy to ask what year you are, what major you are, or even what dorm your in. Upperclassmen reminisce while watching the freshman wander around, and some are even eager to help them out to relive those naive days. When I got pulled right back in by another college friend, it was like I never left.

I can’t wait until I’m back at Bonas in January, but I’m also very ready to see more than the farm fields of Western New York. This week is my last week in the States, so be sure to check back to see how packing and move-in goes! Until then, Sláinte!


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