Goodbye My Brother

Today was move in day for my younger brother. He has left the nest, left our hometown, and left New Jersey. It’s a weird feeling, knowing my brother is growing up and doing big things with his life. I am still immensely proud of him, and only a little disappointed he didn’t choose St. Bonaventure.  

When I say it’s a weird feeling, it’s weird knowing my younger brother is now part of the same world I’m in. Last year, I was on my own in college, being the first one out of my siblings to move out of the house. My three younger brothers were still at home, and I was out trying to live on my own. I like to think I was pretty successful my first year, with the main evidence being I survived.

It was still strange being on my own, and being surrounded by kids who were going through the same thing. Since he is my brother, I laugh at the idea of him walking around campus on his own, trying to find his classes. That’s all in good fun, ’cause I still have total faith he’s going to do well! I promise! 100% the truth! I mean, I hope at least!

Jokes aside, I wish the best for all members of the class of 2021. I know move-in can be intimidating at some points, but it only goes up from there. The people you meet and the parties – I mean classes you go to make your time at school so fun! I know there’s a lot bright kids in that group, and if you’re reading this I hope you’ve started off with a bang!

I still have a few more days until I leave for Ireland, so I’m going to have to start packing soon. Maybe there will be a post about that? (Spoiler alert: there definitely will be.) Until next time, good luck to all college kids starting the new school year!

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