Everyone’s Leaving…

As summer is coming to a close, a lot of my hometown friends have begun to pack up and get ready to go back to college. Some people have already moved in, which I’m incredibly jealous of. As much as I love my family, I am very much looking forward to living on my own again without the insanity of dealing with three younger brothers. Since I don’t go to Ireland until September 9th, (START THE COUNTDOWN!) I’m just taking a moment to reflect on this summer and what it was like to be home again. 

The beginning of the summer was nice, everyone was excited to be home again which made for a lot of fun hang outs. Everyone would sit around and laugh about that one crazy party we had in high school, or this one crazy professor they had first semester, or how they dealt with the roommate from hell all year. Everyone was happy to drive their cars, eat good food, and spend time with everyone again.

Then came work. Speaking personally, I slacked when trying to find a job when I was home over spring break. Because of my lack of motivation then, I spent the first month of my summer traveling all over trying to find some sort of job so I could afford groceries in Ireland. I finally got a job offer as a waitress and that’s where I’ve been spending the rest of my summer. When I’m not napping at home or causing trouble with my friends, I have been bringing waters to loud families and awkward first dates with a forced smile saying, “my name’s Erin and I’ll be your server, what can I get you?” I may sound like I’m complaining (because I am) but I’m very grateful I was able to find a great job with very entertaining coworkers.

Just like a heat wave, coming slowly and making you sweat more than you thought was humanly possible, August had arrived. Slowly the “can’t wait to go back to school” tweets came up on my timeline more frequently and the back to school commercials started to make their appearance on TV. A majority of my friends are going back to school within the next two weeks, so by August 28th it’ll just be me and my brothers, minus one since he’ll be a freshman in college this year.

While I do love my family, my hometown, and my jersey bagels, I miss being able to live on my own. I can’t wait to live down the hall from my friends with that sense of freedom of staying out late on a “school night,” but my sense of adventure has been growing. I feel like going to Bonaventure for a year was just me testing how far I could go, so I’m so excited to see as much of Ireland as I can. Summer has come to a close, so I’m ready to travel and go back to school!

From today, it’s one month until I move in to Maynooth. I can’t believe I’m finally going to be able to go to Ireland after years of wanting to, so hopefully these next 30-ish days will fly by. Tune in next time where I try to figure out how to pack for these four months, so until then, Sláinte!

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