Welcome To My Blog!

Hey there! If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have a few questions about what this blog entails. The goal of this post is to answer those questions, so here we go!

I am ecstatic to share I will be studying at Maynooth University in Ireland come this September. I put so much research into finding a program that best suited me, and after looking at all that Maynooth has to offer, (not only interesting academic programs, but a beautiful campus) I applied and anxiously awaited. When I received my acceptance email telling me when I can move in, I have never been more excited about school since I got into St. Bonaventure!

I’m telling you all this because the main focus of this blog will be about my experience studying abroad! I currently plan on travelling all over the Emerald Isle, and possibly venturing into the United Kingdom. I will be posting on a regular basis here about different experiences I have while over there.

Thus, comes to the meaning of this site’s name, “Erin Everywhere”. Cheesy, yes. Still, I do plan on traveling a lot and seeing as much of Ireland as I can. Therefore, I will be “everywhere”. However, I did not come up with this name on my own. My friend from home, Val Smith, graciously helped me come up with that name. (and by helped I mean she came up with it, I took it, then said thank you).

If there are any other questions, feel free to tweet me @erynlanahana and I’ll address them in upcoming posts! Be sure to follow to keep up with my travels!


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